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Barb J.
They are competitive with their pricing and the prices are really good. I am definitely happy with their customer service and quality of work. They helped with packing, and they were careful with my things. They were also friendly and polite. When I first called them, Jason was very polite as well and good over the phone.

Colin R.
Lovelette Transfer moved us across town from apartment to apartment so I hired them for the big stuff. They showed up early but not too early that it was inconvenient--like five minutes early. They came in and worked quickly but efficiently. They were still conscious of the quality. They didn't waste any time and were very clean as well. They got everything from point A to point B with no dents, scratches, and nothing broken. They did everything I would have expected.

Kenn O.
Just a quick note to thank you for the terrific job you did moving my folks from a senior housing apartment to an assisted living apartment (The Waters in Minneapolis). My dad is almost 101 years old and mom is 90, so this is a difficult change in their life. Your movers did a quick and efficient job moving the furniture, but just as important, were they friendly and empathetic. Almost anyone can move furniture, but it takes a special company to move a family. We are so glad we selected you as our mover!!!

Steve B.
With the recent moves my family went through, I wanted to thank the Lovelette team for the job they did helping us get settled in our new home.

The sale of our old house and subsequent purchase of our new house and immediate reconstruction of the new house had us moving four times in roughly a 6 month period. We used 2 different moving companies and moved ourselves, so we had firsthand experience with the full spectrum of possible moving scenarios. Without a doubt, our experience with the Lovelette team was far and away the best.

The first moving company we used was a national franchise that operated as a local mover. While the team we had consisted of nice young guys with a lot of enthusiasm, they simply weren't as mature and professional as the team from Lovelette. As a result, this company's process became less organized and seemed to involve a lot of unnecessary steps that translated into incremental cost. In addition, some items were loaded haphazardly resulting in damage in some cases and a much less efficient unloading process on the other end.

By comparison, the Lovelette team was clearly more experienced with a very efficient and professional approach. They got to work immediately with no wasted effort, loading the truck in a very quick and logical fashion that translated into a much easier unloading process. The maturity of the team also made it easier to trust them with handling our property and access to our home. All of this translated into a shorter moving process at a more reasonable cost with no damage and a much easier transition into our new home.

Many thanks again to the whole Lovelette team!

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